Accounting software

Accounting software

The accounting entries provide an understanding of the types of expenses used by the organization. The chart of accounts coupled with third party management, and the native "double-entry" structure of the accounting can be used to infer the impact of the organization.

The use of accounting in carbon footprints is a broad topic that is covered in dedicated articles.

You can consult our guide (Which documents could be used ?) to see the fields typically used in this type of software.

Accounting entry file (French Format)

Le "Fichier des Écritures Comptables" (FEC) is implemented as standard in all accounting software compatible with French regulations. It is the preferred format for French-based organizations.

This format is only useful for organizations based in France.


  QuickBooks is an accounting software developed and marketed by Intuit. It is typically found within SMB.


 Beyond accounting, Sage also provides functionalities around the management of purchases and sales.


 Odoo provides different bricks to manage its organization, from sales to expense reports.

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